Corporate Welfare

We take care of your workers through inspections and prevention

Our check-ups include:
Blood and urine laboratory tests
Various specialty medical visits
Medium complexity instrumental examinations
Diagnostic imaging tests
Each checkup can be customized by age group, gender, habits or work activity.
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Our company welfare project offers a range of preventive services that can be carried out both at the company headquarters and in the health centres that are part of our national network.

This service is especially for those companies that want to combine corporate benefits with health and prevention policy for their employees.

Our check-ups are customizable in both range of services and price ranges and are delivered by our skilled physicians and nurses within our mobile outpatient units. More complex services, on the other hand, are performed at the medical facility closest to your location.

Our secretariat takes full responsibility for scheduling visits and contacting employees or company supervisors.

A report on the patient’s health status is produced at the end of each checkup.

These preventive controls are an excellent solution to the disbursement of productivity bonuses and company benefits, as they are fully deductible for both the company and the employee.

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