Our network

A network of healthcare facilities and Medical Officers in all regions

We have a network of partner facilities distributed throughout the territory that allows us to be present in all regions and almost all Italian provinces. Thanks to partnerships with about 200 clinical diagnostic centers and collaboration with more than 120 competent physicians, we can offer a widespread medical-nursing service throughout Italy.

Level 1 examinations and screening services can also be performed in-house or at suitable premises set up by the client or within our Mobile Units that allow us to reach any home or operating site. Second level clinical diagnostic services will be performed at partner health facilities located throughout the Territory.

We are committed to ensuring:

  • Medical visits at the company, in a clinic facility or mobile unit
  • Audiometric examinations
  • Spirometric examinations
  • Visiotest examinations
  • Laboratory analyses Including home collection
  • Electrocardiograms Including a report from a cardiologist
  • Toxicological testing
  • Alcohol testing
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Colour doppler echocardiogram examinations
  • Home eye examinations
  • Radiographic examinations
  • Specialist visits in the area of the main medical specialties
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