Regulatory and legal advice

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For many years we have had a department totally dedicated to consulting services for the interpretation and management of current regulations, and for the resolution of legal issues related to health surveillance activities.

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Our Administrative and Legal staff is at the client’s disposal for the management and resolution of all issues related to the various legal requirements associated with Occupational mMdicine disciplines and the provision of health surveillance in companies:

  • Updating of health protocols so that they are in line with new regional and national provisions
  • Management of vulnerable workers
  • Management of occupational diseases
  • Management of workplace accidents
  • Transmission of documents and health records to territorial inspection bodies
  • Support for the management of health and safety measures to prevent infection and contagion in the workplace
  • Any other practice related to the role of the Medical Officer
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Mmedical Director: Dott. Stefano Tenti
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SAPRA SAFETY s.r.l. Via Molinara, 33
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