Occupational Health is our specialty

Occupational Medicine

Our mission is to provide health services in the workplace, ensuring conditions that are healthy and safe for everyone. Pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 et seq., and technical and consulting services to support these services.

Quality and transparency

For almost 30 years, SAPRA has been known for its reliability and professionalism in the field of medicine in Tuscany and throughout Italy. We have always guaranteed the best quality of service combined with the most affordable price.

We are a Multipurpose Healthcare Company with a branched network of more than 150 Occupational Safety professionals and more than 180 partner healthcare facilities distributed throughout Italy.

SAPRA Group was founded in 1994 and includes clinical diagnostic and surgical healthcare facilities and commercial and consulting companies.

Thanks to a policy aimed at the implementation and diversification of our services, planned expansion of spaces and targets, and a national vision, today we can count on the cooperation of more than 450 surgeons, more than 100 professional nurses and more than 100 administrative and technical employees.

National and international industrial groups have chosen us as their Health Services provider, counting on our professionalism, capillarity and reliability. Thanks to our network and a fleet of Mobile Ambulatory units, we are proud to be able to guarantee complete territorial coverage, ideal for large, geographically spread businesses.

Our staff are always ready to guarantee excellent performance and advice, lending their expertise to support companies in managing their occupational health and safety.

SAPRA Medicina del lavoro SAPRA SAFETY s.r.l.
Via Molinara 33 - 52100 Arezzo
Mmedical Director: Dott. Stefano Tenti
E-mail: info@sapra.it
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SAPRA SAFETY s.r.l. Via Molinara, 33
52100 Arezzo (Italia)
P.IVA 02195700519
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